• Australian Bass

    September 17, 2018 0 comment(s)
    The Australian Bass is a large, powerful fish popular among anglers as a sport fish. They inhabit coastal rivers and lakes, ranging from southern Queensland to eastern Victoria. Australian Bass...
  • Empire Gudgeon

    September 10, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Empire Gudgeon’s are native to Australia and have a large distribution around the coastal regions of Queensland and New South Wales through to Victoria. In nature they are usually found...
  • Peacock Gudgeon (Tateurndina ocellicauda)

    August 27, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Peacock Gudgeon’s are native to eastern Papua New Guinea, where they inhabit slow flowing creeks and prefer habitats that are heavily vegetated. The Peacock Gudgeon is a brightly coloured fish,...


  • Guide to Cryptocoryne’s

    June 11, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Crypt Melt ‘Crypt melt’ is a phenomenon wherein the leaves of a crypt develop holes and then the plant appears to dissolve. It appears to be caused by changes in...
  • Ludwigia repens

    March 5, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Ludwigia repens is a common and popular aquarium plant the world round. This is one of the easiest aquarium plants to grow and is able to grow in a wide...
  • Dosing Nutrients on the Cheap – D.I.Y Nutrients

    January 29, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Anyone who has kept planted aquariums for any length of time knows the enormous expense that bottled nutrients represent. Many a fish keeper has visibly grimaced at the bill they...


Health and Care

  • Top 7 Ways to Cycle an Aquarium

    September 3, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Cycling an aquarium is the process of establishing a population of ‘good bacteria’ in an aquarium. ‘Good bacteria’ convert toxic compounds, such as ammonia and nitrite into harmless substances such...
  • Top 5 Things to Consider When Treating Diseases

    August 13, 2018 0 comment(s)
    The following is a list of things to keep in mind when treating disease in the aquarium. The list is in chronological order. In other words, do number 1 first,...
  • Excel Based Low Tech Tanks

    July 30, 2018 0 comment(s)
    The term ‘low tech tank’, refers to a planted aquarium that does NOT use CO2 injection (see: Non-CO2 Methods). The downside to using this method to grow aquarium plants is...


  • Review: AquaGreen’s Dinosaur Fertilisers

    December 28, 2018 0 comment(s)
    Note: This article was sponsored by AquaGreen. Dave from AquaGreen was kind enough to allow the author to trial his range of fertilisers in exchange for a review and advertising....
  • Review: Hydra Internal Power Filter

    August 21, 2017 0 comment(s)
    Background The Hydra Internal Power Filter is a unique filter which claims to be an almost miraculous cure to the problem of aquarium maintenance. Upon reading the information on the...
  • Aqua One: Aquis 500 Review

    July 24, 2017 0 comment(s)
    The Aqua One Aquis 500 is a canister filter designed for a 100 litre aquarium. This filter is currently running on my 175 litre aquarium. Before purchasing this filter, I...

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